First Homepage – The Beginning

The below is the first homepage of PrettyThin after I took the site over. The cms I was using did not have a blog feature that could be used in this way, so I simply adding a new paragraph to the same page everytime I has an update. These are the updated from August 13, 2009 to June 15, 2010. I began observing the site earlier in the year and officially took over around June of 2009.



June 15, 2010

Thank you to all those who sent me a message on Facebook letting me know about the member who has been shot and in the hospital in critical condition. The overwhelming support for her within this community casts such a great light on the spirit of the members PrettyThin, and how we truly are here for one another, in the best and darkest of times. As I get information about this, I will certainly update everyone, and again want to thank everyone for giving me information as they come across it.

There was a time when I worked at a small retail store where the only people who worked there were the owner, myself, and a guy named Tony. Tony was never the most responsible person I ever met, but he was a great guy. I enjoyed working with him, even though his ability to get to work on time always left me with a ton more to do than I would have liked. One morning, Tony didn’t show up at work. Three hours after open, the owner of the store comes in and goes straight to his desk, not even saying hello. I followed him, knowing something was wrong, never imagining what it turned out to be.

Tony was at a movie theater with his girlfriend the night before. It was a coincidence, because I had been there that night as well, just earlier. I remember leaving the theater and thinking about how much that movie made an impact on me (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). Tony had apparently gone to see the same movie about an hour later.

In the theater, he had a confrontation with a member of a rival gang. I had an idea that Tony was in a gang, but I thought it was mostly kids stuff – nothing serious – but then again, I knew very little about gangs and why they were or their purpose. I just assumed it was people having fun with friends…

Tony watched the movie and came out of the theater. The moment he stepped out of the cinaplex, a guy (the member of the other gang) ran up and put a gun to his chest, unloading three rounds, killing him almost instantly.

One moment someone is there….another moment, they are not. What do you do? You obviously continue living your life, but it’s not as simple as that. You miss the way the person used to make you smile, and think about how you will never again be able to hear them laugh in appreciation of something you said. You never again have the opportunity to share stories, ask advice, or to give it.

In Tony’s case, there was no opportunity to hope for the best. He was gone. But then I realized that Tony had left behind for me a gift, even if leaving it for me was unintentional. Tony always had these stories….I won’t tell any now, it’s just not the point and would take us on a tangent….but he would have a story almost everyday about something he had done the day before. They weren’t always anything tremendous. They were simply his stories about living his life. Simple things like “my friends and I were at a restaurant yesterday and…” or “I was waiting for the bus and this kid…”

Tony taught me one thing that I had not realized at the time. Tony taught me, without knowing it, that in life there are a lot of stories to be had. You choose to be a part of them, or you choose to simply stand by. Tony is one of the reasons I am traveling the world now. Tony is one of the reasons that I have the adventurous spirit that I do. And in some ways, Tony is one of the reasons I have the sense of humor and character that I do.

I’m telling this story because we all know Ellay(love) in our way. We should all hope and pray for her in our own way as well, hoping that she finds the strength to make it through, and that those that know her and love her have the strength to stand by her side and be there for her in this time of need. But we should all reflect on what she means to us now, and how from her spirit and the interactions we have had, we can become greater people ourselves. We do it because this is how we accept a gift that she is giving us. We do this to appreciate what she means to each of us.

Tony will always be alive…tens of thousands of people are going to read about Tony’s story just because he had one to offer; but more than that, Tony is alive in every adventure I have, and in my own way, I share it with him still.

I hope that the community is able to pull together and celebrate Ellay(love). And I hope each of you in your own way sits and prays for her, and then thinks about how temporary life can be, and how we should all live it as fully as we can, thanking those who helped us along the way.

Those who have asked about sending donations, if you do please understand that at this time I have no idea as to how it might reach her. If you do send one for her, mention that reason, but please be aware that it may never reach her. It will remain within the community, certainly.

Stay Beautiful,

May 4, 2010

PrettyThin has been around in part because of the kind understanding of my web host. There are a ton of pro-ana sites out there, and many people define this site as one, which makes it difficult for a host; there is a ton of pressure to delete sites like this, and they understand what this website is and what this community is all about.

I was reading emails from members, and something struck me about wanting to give back to my host, so I am running a contest. There are a lot of talented members on this website – whether you think you are or not, I know better 🙂  – so I propose a website contest. If you have an interest, any interest at all, from art to a celebrity to a movie, a show or a sport, ANYTHING at all, you can create a website (and a community) around it. This is how to participate in this contest, and I ask everyone to at least try, as a “thank you” to my host, the people who help make this possible.

1. Go here and create an account.

2. Just start creating your content. Anything you want, however you like. You have a week before the contest begins, and three weeks before we start voting.

3. I will post on the homepage and in the forum the section to submit your website into this contest. Members will vote, and the top sites will be featured. This is a great way to build a community around something that is important to you.

There is only one rule – NO ANA SITES! We have PrettyThin. Let’s go beyond that and find the other things in our lives that mean something to us.

Thank you, in advance, to all those who give this a try. It means a lot to me to support those who make this at least partially possible, for understanding what this community means and what it is trying to do.

Stay Beautiful,

My website?

May 2, 2010

A couple people have recently made donations for this website and one behalf of myself and the entire community, I want to thank you. I won’t name anyone for purposes of anonymity, but you make this place possible. Thank you.

I am also posting a link to a study being performed by a member who goes to Western Carolina University for those who wish to participate. Link:

Two people from PT past who continue to abuse PrettyThin attempted to join again today. I have refused but they and others like them will be back. If you see comments from them, simply delete or flag the comments and ignore them from that point on. They only have as much power as we give them; ignore them and they do not exist.
Nearly 55,000 members!

Stay Beautiful,

April 3, 2010

It’s been way too long since I wrote or updated, and I apologize for that. For those of you who don’t know, I sold my condo, returned my car, quit my job, and jumped on a plane with a one way ticket to Thailand, intent on seeing the world. I have been spending a lot of time updating my travel website for family and friends with the little computer and internet time I have, and spending most of my time exploring and figuring out the ways of this side of the world. So I do apologize for being absent.
I must admit that the site is in great hands. I think the moderators are doing a wonderful job, and they know how to contact me if anything crazy is going on. I just wanted to post a little note to say I have not disappeared, and neither will PrettyThin. I hope you all are well, and on adventures of your own.

Stay Beautiful,

March 7, 2010 (and a little on the 8th)

Five days ahead of schedule….check out the Who am I section.

(Updated on the 8th)
I also added two pages called Letters. These are the emails I receive from people about the site. I haven’t figured out how to link them yet, and just getting started, but here are the two links:

Letters of Concern

Letters of PrettyThin


March 2, 2010 – First PT approved Questionnaire

Many people ask to do interviews and surveys, either for newspapers or magazines or school papers. I have agreed to post this link to this questionnaire out of tens of other requests. Those who want to participate can, and those who don’t simply don’t.

To participate in this study, check out the section on interviews and questionnaires to get involved.

If you find other questionnaires out there on this site, I personally think no one should get involved because it has not been reviewed to ensure it is unbiased and that it has the wellbeing of others as it’s intention. I think that this study is with good intent.

Discuss your opinion about this within the forums, near the bottom.

March 1, 2010

Ever sit somewhere and just feel that everything is going to be alright? I had one of those moments today, and wanted to write it down, and to share it. I just finished doing that; writing about how free I feel as a person even though I’m about to do one of the craziest thing in my life.

You might be wondering what it was I wrote, but I can’t share it here. It’s been written down in my digital diary – my own personal website blog – and to write it here again would feel like I’m keeping two diaries.

So, on March 12th, in the spirit of sharing and obvious desire to share happy things with those that in some way’s I can consider my friends, I am going to post the link to my personal website here; which links to my Facebook and MySpace and….well, who I am…

February 25, 2010

I was looking at links from other websites back to PrettyThin and came upon this link:

The reason I want you to see this is to realize that people ARE able to gain access to the website and see content we post; they are also able to take images, even though the terms state that they can’t and even though I ahve made the album so you can’t easily take images (there is no way to prevent it btw – people can just take screenshots if they want).

If one of those images is of you and you don’t want it there, please contact them about this and let them know it’s you in the picture and that you did not authorize this.


(UPDATE as I move it to this page on March 1, 2010 – the article was completely removed by the site owner. Here is a member’s email discussion with the writer. The following is a copy from a post within the forums of the site)

i got this email back after i emailed the author of that article, she wants an interview. i dont want to be a representative, i dont want to mix my words and fail. Also im wary that she may change evreything i say.


I emailed the author of the article that is featured on teh home page, courtesy, and she replied. I dont feel i can be a representative also im wary that if anyone follows through that she may twist our words!!!!!

How can i contact ZANDER?



I have removed the offending article.

I re-read your email and want to ask you some questions, if you would, to explain the pro Ana movement, and perhaps give me your insight as to the struggles and insight you have regarding this obviously painful topic.  I am genuinely interested and want to clear up any misconceptions.

The flip side of this of course is that the world is getting fatter and unhealthier, yet no one feels for the people who have the opposite issue.  It’s as if jealousy or resentment creeps in and castigates the thinner people, with no regard for their battle.

Would you be interested in being interviewed?  I think I owe that to you at the very least.

It can be anonymous or by first name only.

Please let me know.

Again, terribly sorry for upsetting you and the other girls.
April MacIntyre


On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 9:29 PM, wrote:

Hi April,

I would like to let you know that your article about Kate Moss and eating disorders was terrible.

You have done bad research, your article made no point, you illegally used members photo’s (by the way some of these girls are under 16 your breaching alot of laws here), and you have tried to hurt people who hurt already.

Would you point at a fat woman and yell at her that she is fat? Would you write an article about that womans obesity and put up her photo? Would you write about autistic children where u laugh at how they struggle with life?

I have no idea what you article told us anyway, except a statement that Kate Moss made ages ago, and then you just loaded crap onto PrettyThin. I am a member of pretty thin because i have troubles with my weight and depression. This site is a POSITIVE ENCOURAGING ATMOSPHERE. Yeah we may share stories on how we lose weight, but alot of us try to talk to eachother and encourage eachother.

Just because Kate Moss said something doesnt have anything to do with us, i have seen some girls quote it and that is their choice.

If you have one ounce of humanity in you, you would make a formal apology for the hurt you have caused. How dare you take the right to publish my insecurities, wishes, failures and life? In a world where everyone is messed up and looking for acceptance you dare to put yourself above others. Who made you almighty?

I am pretty sure that more than 70% of the members of PrettyThin could write a better article on you, legally, and with real facts.

Now seriously, you better fix your mistakes.

We want something done about this.


February 24, 2010

Many users have asked me over the months about linking to PrettyThin from their own websites. It’s easy. You can do one of several things. The easiest is to right click the image below, select Copy, then on your own website, just Paste. The image will follow, but so will the link to PrettyThin.

The other way is to insert this code into your site:

<a href=><img src= border=”0″></a>


February 23, 2010

I receive emails everyday from people telling me what PrettyThin means to them. Some good, some bad, some ugly, some beautiful. I decided to make a page that’s like a testimonials page, but is all about what PrettyThin means to you.

Check out the new PT and ME link and write about what PrettyThin means to you. What your life would be like without it, what your life is like with it, why you love it or why you hate it.

If you have stories to tell or poetry to share, check out the Your Toughts section.

I am also building out a new FAQ (frequently asked questions) section that will help you understand issues like not being able to update your profile, not being able to add images, how moderators were picked (why, how, and what else), and then some other questions people ask from time to time.

And on a personal note 🙂 I’m going on the road. This is not a PT thing. I’m just going to be traveling the world for a bit and writing about the things that I see. Time to get away from the desk and the daily commute and see what else life has to offer. Now you may know why I was thinking about coming out of the closet on who I really am. It might be interesting to allow people to share in my experiences as I move around the world. I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling people I’m in their town when I’m under a false name. It just feels a bit creepy. That’s just one thing…

Anyway, we have talked about this before. You can now vote on it.

Stay Beautiful.

ps….work in progress

Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt


February 18, 2010

I am going to take the submissions in and review them before sending the information off to the show. Do you feel like Anorexia is a lifestyle? Would you like to be in a round table discussion about this and get your view across among others who have conflicting opinions?

Send me your information and why you would like to be involved. I will forward your information along. 

There are two major things I need to bring up today, one that you guys have been asking me about, and another that is (again) about interviews.

First, about Mods. As many of you are aware, last week a few Mods were selected. Initially, I was going to put the process to a vote. For most things, I think this is still the way to go. But after talking to some people who run large sites like this one, they advised against it. The reason they gave is that you rarely are voting for the best in the community, especially if the community is as diverse as this one. You tend to find mods who do the will of the majority, meaning the minority get even more pressure for being “different.” That is not something we want to happen on this site – especially not on this site.

So, I did something else. If anyone in that section was elected, or if they recommended someone well, I would put their name in a hat, and I would pick about 5 – 8 randomly. They would hopefully balance one another out, and hopefully represent the diversity of the community. Through it, there will be (and as we saw already that there was) error. But this is not uncommon in the world of appointing mods. You always find someone who goes rogue or someone who just didn’t turn out to be who you thought.

Well, along the way to picking the 5 – 8 I had to get offline and was unable to get online again to complete what I started. So you got only half of the process, and it broke. I’m going to do the rest now.

About Interviews

There is a nationally syndicated talk show that is looking for a girl to be interviewed on the show. Before I talk about my thoughts, here is the information for it:

A nationally syndicated talk show is looking for young women who believe that anorexia is a lifestyle not a disease. Do you believe that anorexia is a lifestyle choice? Is maintaining a certain weight important and what you strive for? Have you told family and friends that you don’t have a problem and that you are just living your life? Do you want people to leave you alone and let you live your life the way you want?

There are people on this site who fit this profile just like any other. I told the show that I would like to the location for you to apply to do it if you like, but this morning when I woke up, the first thing that I thought of (yes, sometimes this site is the first thing I think about in the morning) is “what if the person causes more damage for the understanding of the complexity of this issue than good?”

So, I was going to ask people to send me submissions and then I would send that submission along, making sure I got the best representative for the show. But then I thought “what gives me the right to choose.” So, I want to put this link up today or make sure we do the right thing. Please vote (and comment) on what you think should be done.


February 12, 2010

I get emails fairly regularly about a member that is causing trouble. Either that they posed as a journalist and were exploiting people, or that they are making people feel aweful because of the comments they post to pictures, or because of name-calling in the forums.

First, the people posing as journalists generally aren’t journalists. The last member Arisaurus who claimed to have been was not Erica Leigh and just a girl named Chanti.

People who post negative things to pictures of within forums, why do you reply back? Just flag the post and it will be gone.

I find it odd that people would go all a rage because of the nonsense of another individual. Ignore them; silence makes them powerless. Just flag them, and it will make them disappear.

Have people you think should be on the banned members list? Email me the info.

February 1, 2010

I have been getting a lot of emails about abuses going on in chat. I have hidden one of the chatrooms for which I have no moderation capabilities. I have also made a change to the chatroom linked at the bottom of the site. You can now only chat with Friends. This will make it easy for you to have a discussion with people without worrying about hurtful people getting in the way.

If this isn’t working, please let me know?

Also, keep on submitting moderator suggestions. I will get back to this in a couple days.

Final note. Ever Google search the word “Beauty?”
A cosmetic store comes up as the first link. Does anyone else think that maybe we should change that?

January 29, 2010

I wanted to thank everyone for their contributions in the forums, by email, and by private messages about the last topic of bulimia. I don’t have an answer yet. I think it will take a little time to bridge the gap as well as internalize all that was shared. But I do humbly thank you.

Today I wanted to encourage everyone to read the Terms of Use for this website. It also links to Privacy Tips. I am writing and updating them based on questions and concerns that have come from different members, and like everything else, I am sure this will change over time as well as I get more comments from you. Please keep them coming.

I am also creating a section for frequently asked questions, such as “why can’t I upload pictures” or “where di my album go” as well as the not too common but still “how do I delete my account.”

This weekend is going to be busy, so hopefully right after.

Stay Beautiful,

January 27, 2010 – Bulimia

(updated) – Sample emails which led to this topic of bulimia 

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, please read the About this Site section. I encourage anyone who’s a member of PrettyThin to read that section, and the sections about me (Zander), and about Using PrettyThin.

Not only are these things that I update from time to time (not often) but also things that will help you stay safe as a member of this community, and encourage us all to be a better community.

I want to discuss one topic which I have received some hate mail about. It is very possible that my own ignorance has led me to make a statement that is in bad judgment. So I ask you.

This site is about anorexia, but this is not a pro-ana site. I’m sorry, but this will always be my stance.

The part I want your opinion is about bulimia. This site is not only not a mia site, but from my point of view, discourages it.

I don’t mean to say that I look down on anyone who is mia. You all should know by now that I don’t believe anyone should look down upon anyone else; everyone is equal, we just think differently. No reason to talk down or look down upon anyone else when you can look them in the eye and talk to them, one human being to another. When I go on the forums I feel like I am sitting at a table at a cafe. You look at people when you are talking to them regardless of your viewpoints or the discussion. You may get passionate, but unless someone is laying on the floor, you look directly at them, on your own level. This little tangent is not only regarding how I view anyone who is mia or anything else, but also something I want those who call others “wannarexics” to think about. What makes ANY of us better than anyone else?

Now, about bulimia. I feel that it is a wrong road to take. It’s not a way of thinking, but actions.

Remember, this could ALL be my misunderstanding, so excuse me for it and help me understand in the forums under Zander’s updates.

I see bulimia is not just a way of thinking, and not just a wanting to be something, but specific actions to be that something. Am I opposed to dieting? No. I do it myself and think it can be very healthy if done right. Am I against fasting? Many spiritual people do it, and again, I think it can literally be a good thing if done right. Purging…is there a way to do it right? Is there any way where that is the right thing to do to get you to where you want to be?

I know that it’s not as simple as that. It never is. And I understand that maybe for some, it’s a last resort; it’s their only way of making it work when nothing else seems to be. But is it ever okay…I guess that’s my question.

Please be respectful in the forums to one another. I really hope to learn from this, and think it might be something we can all learn from.

Stay Beautiful,

For a history of my updates, check out Zander’s Updates


January 26, 2010  — Some Important things

A lot of things have been going on recently, and it might just be because there are so many members and so many new ones each day. I want to talk about a couple of them now, but honestly it’s been a long day and I need to get to bed, so the rest tomorrow.

First, this is just my opinion, but I got an email from a member saying that they made 20 bracelets and that the first 20 to email their address would get them. This person might be very well meaning, and everything might be safe, but I personally wouldn’t share my personal information. I don’t think it’s safe; you never know where it might lead. So, be careful please.

Coming soon. I will put something in the forum tomorrow so people can nominate others, and then we will vote. I think I will start with 5 people at first, but let’s see what comes out of the forum tomorrow. You will find the place to recommend others in the Zander’s Updates section of the forum.

I will also write about something that has been contraversial and I think the community should talk about it. I may very well have committed a wrong out of my own ignorance, so I want to talk to you about it. The topic? Bulemia, and what I have written about it from my view within the About This Site section. I will write about this tomorrow, and ask your advice.

Stay Beautiful,

My Abs – January 22, 2010

I recently started going to the gym. I was really into it a couple years ago, then stopped going for about a year, and over that one year my tummy started getting bouncy when I ran down the stairs. It just sorta crept up on me. Well, I’m back at the gym, and being a fairly small guy, and taking protein and creatine and a couple other things I picked up from the fitness store. Well, as I try to bulk  up the rest of my body, I’m trying to make my tummy disappear so that all those ab workouts amount to something.

I was going to check my email this morning and ran across this article about ab workouts. I’m going to try it, and just sharing with the community. By the way, I wondered about the “(eating required)” attachment to the title. I know I’ve been getting even more requests about interviews than before, and people have seen the things I have written about Yahoo in the past, so I wonder if they’re being “careful.”

And just like the last update, I’m putting it up for everyone to discuss. Does the workout sound like it would work? Do you think I should be posting article links to the community?

Stay Beautiful,

January 20, 2010 – New Sections!

January 20, 2010 – New Sections! I am going to be updating regularly again, and this is where I’m going to do it. I will then go create a section in the forums called Zanders updates where we can discuss my updates 🙂

I have been getting a lot of emails from members and non-members asking permission to ask the community to do this thing or that thing. Everything from song lyrics to models for things, interviews for school papers and everything in between. I’m always been concerned about this for a couple reasons:

– how do I know any of these people are legit versus how many are going to try to take advantage of someone

– how do I know this person will use whatever they get from people in the community in a good way rather in a way that could hurt the community

So I had an idea. We’ll do it all here. Those who want to participate can. Those who don’t, won’t. And we will all have access to it here.

What am I talking about?

I’m going to start collecting things from the community members and then offering them back to the community. You write music or songs? Send them to me and I will share them with everyone else. Write songs specific to this site and I will turn it into a CD and let peeople download the album. It will take time, but I think we could come out with something once a year.

You like to model? send me the high resolution images and we will create a PT calendar once a year. We can create a PrettyThin Yearbook that people can have access to. Have other ideas? Let me know.

I am going to create an interview board. I will post interview questions people have, and if people want to contribute, they can. If not, they don’t. And I will ask every interviewer that we will post the interview questions only if they do NOT draw attention to this site.

What are your thoughts? I’m making the section about this in the forum right now.

Stay Beautiful,

January 14, 2010

I think the votes are in. I will let them know that I won’t be giving the interview. There is a very good chance they will be featuring the site anyway (there is nothing we can do to stop that), but I won’t be going to answer any questions. More to come.


January 11, 2010

I have something serious I want everyone to think about and give me advice about. I will put a poll up tomorrow to allow everyone to vote, and I will do what you decide. I just want everyone to think about it for a day first.

I was contacted by a fairly large news organization to discuss PrettyThin. I get requests fairly regularly, and ignore them. This one I would like to consider talking to, with your permission.

Some initial questions I had were “what kind of exposure would you, the members of the site get if I did this?” Well, even if I don’t do it, there is a chance they will name this site (among others). That’s why most areas are password protected, and why I give you advice on how to protect your personal information. So, my involvement at leasts offers the opportunity to give the public another perspective on anorexia.

The second issue I had is my own identity. As many of you know, I am not only not ED, but not Zander. Am I willing to risk a public imagine for this? Well, if it’s going to be something benefitial, I am willing to consider it.

A couple things:
I would be able to take answers to interview questions from you guys, so your voice can be heard. How often do you get this opportunity.

I would also be able to take volunteers ho feel they understand different sides of this issue and might have something to offer. For example, I know there are several of you who are health professionals and members of this site, and know there are couples and mothers and guys as well.

These are things to think about. I’m making a sticky in the forum as well to start a discussion, but please be mature and intellegent when talking about this. No one is going anywhere and this is not happening tomorrow, so take the time to think about what you’re going to say before you do. We are a community. We do things as such.

Stay Beautiful,

Update – October 6, 2009 – Should Zander leave this site?

I don’t think we have anywhere near a majority vote yet, as only about 200 out of the over 13,000 members have voted, but I believe I have a solution. If you look on the left, there is a new link call You Vote. I think a lot of the problems and drama are around people not remembering the votes of the community, or feeling that they don’t have a say in this website. Since I am not much more than a broken record, I want to repeat that THIS SITE IS ABOUT YOU…that means, I don’t make the decisions. Click the link to see what it’s all about. Expect to see more and more things to vote on as the days progress. Have something you want the members of PrettyThin to vote on? Just send me a note.


September 25, 2009

Thought everyone would find this interesting

I also just received an email from someone asking if there are PrettyThin t-shirts. It never occurred to me that anyone would want one, but in the spirit of asking:

Would you buy or wear PrettyThin shirts?

Would you buy or wear PrettyThin shirts?


Thank you for voting!

Total Votes: 747


Update September 22, 2009

September 22, 2009
Thank you all for all the kind emails and support. It really meant a lot. For those who gave some feedback, I appreciate it, and will start implementing them this week.

Come Vote!!!! The Pic of the Week Contest has started once again, and your votes determine the winner! 

September 21, 2009
The Pic of the Week voting poll will not be up until later tonight. I’ve been sick all weekend, and there are a lot of contributors this time around to round up 🙂

Voting will start late tonight or early tomorrow, and the winner picked on Thursday rather than Wednesday.

Also, I have a TON of emails to catch up on. I get about 300+ a day, so I’m about 1000 behind. I apologize for not replying to people directly, and will try to put your suggestions on the site as soon as possible.

Stay Beautiful,

Add Zander as a friend

UPDATE: How do you add photos to this site? Just become a member and go to the Member Photos or any other Pics page. Click Add Photos and you can upload pictures to existing albums, or create your own.


Urgent Note – August 24, 2009

I have received a lot of notices from people about someone attempting to ruin the community that we have here.

It’s not difficult to ruin someone’s day; it’s not difficult to ruin a community. What IS difficult is keeping a community together. Understanding that you as an individual are an important part of a collective, but in the end, just part and not the whole.

Are you seeing disturbing comments? Seeing things that just hurt or bother you? Please do the following:

1 – Do not respond back. Don’t feel the fuel of hurt and hate or the words that disturb. Don’t add words to which a response can be given in hopes of causing more problems.

2 – Flag the post so that I can remove them.

Do these two, and the problem will go away…

Stay Beautiful,


Notes from Zander – UPDATE: August 27, 2009

September 9, 2009 

New topic for you to vote on in the Pic of the Week Section! Also, a bunch of great new pictures are about to be added. I just picked a ton of pics of the week, treating it as a “Hall of Fame” this time around. Because there are so many pictures, I am not adding the links to profiles this time. Sorry girls. I actually had planned on allowing everyone to vote, then posting that one up and linking to the right profile, but it became too much work; I would never have gotten around to it.

So, check out the Pic of the Week section and VOTE! and view the best pics of the past two weeks.



August 31, 2009

My last update, I said a little about myself. A lot of people have asked more questions, so I will add more soon. I am takng a quick break, so my updtaes are going to be rare, because when I do come on to see how things are going, I am doing some clean up of albums and of the forums.

M biggest concern and hurt is to see people (a few) frustrated at one another; hating on one another; making the experience on this site less pleasant for everyone. I hope that it finds it’s own resolution. I don’t think any kind of banning or action on my part will help. You either have to ignore negativity and only respond to the positive, or the negative gets stronger and lingers longer.

Pic of the Wee, along with poems and stories are going to be updated. I’m just not on the site enough to do it until next week. But it will be happening soon.

Also, I have gotten a few emails from people asking “how can you say that this is a site about beauty. It’s obviously an ana site.” Well, yeah, it is obviously an ana site, but thee is a reason I say it is about beauty, and hope it becomes known as that. I will also answer that question in my next update.

Just writing to let you know I’m here, and what’s going on, and why the delays. More to come soon.

Until then….stay beautiful.

August 27, 2009

Everyone was expecting me to write tomorrow, but here I am a day early 🙂
Who is Zander? Here it is! I’m posting it a day early for two reasons. This way, you can ask me specific questions and I will answer tomorrow. Also, I can get the Pic of the Week page created.

Talk to you soon!

August 24, 2009

People have been asking, so I think it’s fair to answer. 

Who is Zander?
Why have I not appointed Mods yet?
Why am I involved with PrettyThin at all?

All this, and maybe a little more, should be coming by Friday.

August 22, 2009

There is now a Scenespo section. Should we create another term that does not exist for another “culture” of beauty? Would it be around sports and fitness? Would it be around art? What would it about?

Weekly updates are not going to happen Weekly 🙂 They may happen a few times a week. Want to be a part? Contribute, and you will be noticed.

On a more important note, a few girls have been contacted by another member to do some modeling, possibly for some money. I’m not going to be one to tell anyone what they should or should not do, but I ahve a suggestion. If a member comes around with a suggestion, let me know and maybe we can do it right here, with you having more say and control over the outcome.


August 18, 2009

I have received a bunch of stories,and will start posting them today in a new Member Stories section about your thoughts on beauty and the word Thin. I have also received some member artwork which I will post on that page. Those who contributed will get recognition (unless they tell me they don’t want it).

Want to contribute? Here is a new category: poetry. Have a poem you would like to share? send me an email with the poem and your member name, and I will make a Members Poetry section here on PrettyThin.

Do you have suggestions on more sections? Let me know! 🙂

August 14, 2009

Artists in the house? Would you like to contribute art to this site? There are over 8000 members at PrettyThin and I can imagine 1000 of us are creative, if not all of us. Express yourself, share your feelings and imagination and life with us all.

Submit your work by email, and I will upload them to a special member art page!

August 13, 2009

Hello Everyone!
This is Zander, and I am going to be making updates to this site quite frequently based on things you have to share.

I would like to create a section with your thoughts on a topic, and create a new weekly topic to have you write about.

This weeks topic is the word Beauty, and the word Thin. How do you define these things? How do they relate to you, and where do they not? What do they means in your world?

Send me an email with your thoughts and I will post them here, with an image of you. If you do not want your image here, please let me know. And if you would like a specific image placed, just send that along as well.

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