Objections to Dr. Oz

Objections with the Dr. Oz “Dying to be Thin” Episode

Here are the top PrettyThin objections to the Dr. Oz episode “Dying to be Thin.”

1. Three (3) of the five (5) people on the show who suffered with anorexia never heard of PrettyThin or the “pro-ana” lifestyle prior to the show. They were also the ones most affected by the disorder in terms of their bodies health. And yet, the show blames (or at least hopes to demonize) PrettyThin (and the pro-anorexia movement – which PrettyThin is not actually a part of in the way described) for killing people.

2. We commend the show for offering free treatment to the guests. But when only one out of three guests accepts the offer, there is something wrong. A greater discussion could have taken place, but instead the same show was repeated and it failed 3 out of 4 people on that show. What’s wrong with their approach? Here is my comment: Tennie McCarty communicating with her daughter (anorexia sufferer) on this wonderful eating disorder drama.

3. The show had an opportunity to see what the world’s largest eating disorder community is all about, and to share the discussion with a larger audience to increase awareness about eating disorders. Instead, it came in with the same misinformation as the average person on the street, and left a great opportunity behind. Shame on Tennie McCarty for offering no greater depth to this discussion after 3 decades of work in this area. It was a drama, sure; shame on the show (and T. McCarty for her remark about “slapping” me) for creating a drama. You turned your back when you should be offering support. The statements you made on the show about a desire to help – we don’t believe them. What we have seen so far is no more than a show. To return a question I was asked on stage – How much do you make doing this Dr. Oz? Tennie McCarty? I make nothing…

4. You’re repeating the same show; the one that brings anorexic guests on the show, tells the same story (Google Oprah on this topic), offers the same free treatment (forget the millions of others who don’t get offered free treatment), and then assumes  it made a difference. If this process made a difference, it would help more people (not a small handful) and would not have to be repeated every few years.

5. You can’t teach people how to become anorexic.  At least three of the people on the show didn’t “learn it” from a site or anyone else. And yet they were the most severe cases of someone suffering from the eating disorder. One of the two who knew of PrettyThin and sites like this was in treatment already. THAT should tell you something.

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