Post Dr Oz Apocolypse

UPDATE – March 10, 2012

To Members: The traffic of the site is slowly getting back to normal. There will most likely be stragglers along the way for some time, so I am taking small steps in returning certain features back to the sidebar. You won’t see “recent forum posts” or the “recent blog posts” on there for a few days or a week, for example.

To Prospective Members: PrettyThin is still not granting access to new members. I have received MANY emails from individuals who have stated why they wish to be approved, and I have made three exceptions to the membership freeze. Membership will resume fairly soon, but you will most likely be given limited access, meaning you will be able to read but won’t be able to post for a little while. No determinations have been made yet, and an internal discussions is needed before anything does take place.

To those looking for the discussions on the Dr. Oz Dying to be Thin show, it is still around, with over 2000 comments.  The comments really blew my mind. If you ever wondered how people could have different opinions, then this is a great example of how difficult it is to communicate and how wildly different (and often offensive) opinions can be.

If you are looking for the post-show content on the problems I had with the show (prior to airing), you can read about how Dr Oz misunderstood eating disorders and share your comments.

One thing that the show and the many comments that followed brought me to realize is how much more focus is needed on being clear about the many aspects of PrettyThin and of eating disorders in general. This community always focused on the community – the forum – but there is more that needs attention. Those coming to PT to learn more about the issue are completely confused and lost, and I will admit that it is my failing for not putting more attention to those areas that people are passing judgement on.

Some of the topics I will address first are the thinspiration and dieting sections. As always, the history of the pages will never be lost, and you will either see all the original and current content on the page where additions are being made, or you will find a link to the “archived” page that contains the older content. I don’t want people thinking PT is trying to change or hide anything.

It is obvious that people have a hard time looking past the veil of their bias, or that the content of this site is so overwhelming that they can’t comprehend it unless they give it a lot of time, which most people don’t have. So, I am taking on the responsibility of clarifying what PT is all about in a way that (I hope) will be less confusing.

Does this mean that anything is changing on PrettyThin?
Not in mission, nor in philosophy. PrettyThin will always be a place for people with eating disorders to come and talk about whatever they want to talk about. This will always be your community.

PrettyThin will, however, be making changes in presentation.

One additional section (possibly) is going to be from the moderators of this site specifically – at least that is part of the discussion – so you won’t only see my ramblings and get a chance to experience their experience as well.
More to come…


PrettyThin – an eating disorder community and forum

UPDATE March 3, 2012
PrettyThin (PT) is not accepting any new members until March 15. This date may be extended beyond that. More information on this will be provided on March 6. We apologize to anyone we have closed these gates to. If you are an individual looking for a community like this, please check back next week for more information.

Stay beautiful just as you are,


(we are fully aware that the above are not examples of health and fitness magazines. They are simply acceptable avenues to encourage girls of a specific age to think a certain way about their appearance, bodies, and selves. Eating disorders affect men as well as women. Here are some other examples of socially acceptable discussions around body image)

Sections – Eating Disorder Community

Forum – Questions? Experiences? Support? Connect? This is where you can meet other individuals with eating disorders. What you make of that experience is up to you. PrettyThin simply offers you a forum and a community. The rest is up to you.
Topics include: general discussions, recovery, dieting, EDNOS, PTSD/ED, and just about everything else related to eating disorders and you. It’s a place of no judgements. A place where you will be understood. A place to talk about whatever you feel you need to or want to.

Blogs – Stories and shared experiences from people with eating disorders. To many it is a journal; a collection of thoughts, ideas, and lives of the people who make PrettyThin what it is – the members.
Topics include: Eating disorder questions and answers, eating disorder stories, journal entries, and poetry.

Eating Disorder Awareness
Eating Disorder Awareness on Facebook – this is a page that was mainly going to be used for Eating Disorder Awareness Month, but going to be nurtured over time. It lowers the barrier of entry and increases the outreach in a way that PrettyThin could not do through the site. This site is for it’s members.

Eating Disorder Studies – There are always people out there hoping to gather more information about eating disorders and hoping to help those seeking it. Want to get involved? If you have an eating disorder, share your experiences with those who hope to dedicate large parts of their lives to making a difference in this area.

Traditional Pro-Ana?
PrettyThin started as a pro-ana journal. For anyone who has taken more than 30 seconds to look at the images or the words on this site, it is quit apparent. As a community that deals with all things ED, we do not take the approach of clinics, doctors, therapists, and educators. We do not talk AT our members, or the people who come to us. We suspend judgement, and allow the individual to gain access to the broader spectrum of this debilitating disease.

PrettyThin does have thinspiration. As a general rule, we did not allow images of individuals with extreme cases of anorexia on these pages. What this left were images that media display as healthy or fit body images. It seems to do a better job of “inspiring” people to be thin anyway.

Recent events have led me to believe that those images of individual who are extreme cases of eating disorder sufferers should be included in thinspo. It belong here because it is part of the larger scope of this issue.

PrettyThin does not think you should or should not look one way or another. It’s not our place. What we care about is your mental image of yourself, as an individual, not as a body unit. We hope that you make the choices to develop habits that are sustainable in maintaining a balanced relationship with your body. The choices are yours. The life is yours. Your body is yours. We simply hope you make ones that will leave you happy in the end, and not tortured.

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