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I see criticism of this site all the time. I also see criticism from people within this site all the time about how others think. I thought it was interesting to see SO MUCH TALK about beauty and getting thin in our society, and then see so much criticism of this site. So, these are sightings within our world.

August 13, 2010

Lose 10 pounds

May 23, 2010 – Katie Holmes outfit critisized?

Katie Holmes Outfit

We live in a world where headlines tell us that dressing a certain way is wrong. It’s not just wrong, it’s a disaster! Put on the evening news or right after it on some show that shows us how life could be if only we were beautiful. News at 8 – flooding in China and people killed in a train disaster. Celebrity gossip show at 9 – how you should look is you don’t want to look like a disaster.

You’ve got an eating disorder. Your mind is wired wrong. You shouldn’t think so much about the way you look…..yeah, tell that to the media….

May 22, 2010

Jeniffer Aniston wants what we all want, right? It’s not important how she looks, but how she looks to us. How she looks isn’t good enough – so she’ll photoshop it!

Why would she want us to think she looks any different than she does? Why would she even want to look any different than she does, and why is the look “thin?” We try not to answer that question here….we pose the questions here. You decide why.


Now to top it all off, let’s Fight Flab!

Aniston Slim Belly

May 21, 2010

Slim Down

I wrote in the new section today called “Recovery” I was talking about habits. Physical habits are often results of mental habits – the way we view the world and ourselves. This article was interesting to me, not simply because it spoke about slimming down, but because it spoke about it in context of the food you eat, making the point within the intro that you see in the picture that you can do it without exercise – without fitness.

What you eat is important. But when one of the most popular sites in the world – – tells you that what you eat can make you slimmer rather than healthier, and that your road to being thin is not through exercise and a healthy lifestyle but through eating the right things with the purpose of becoming skinny, what are we to think?

Is being think more important than being healthy? You just what society thinks:

Biggest Loser

Nivea – Bikini 101 – May 10, 2010

Another one from one of the top sites in the world, Yahoo, sponsored by a brand most of us know – Nivea.


It looks like they have some more tips for us on how to get thin or stay thin. These ideas are pretty good (healthy at least), but as always, the point is not that they are offering good or bad suggestions, but that they are offering it at all, as news on the homepage. Right beside the link for Obama’s High Court Pick, and his School Challenge, you can find another pressing bit of news: how to lose 10 pounds!

Is society obsessed with weight loss? You don’t see Nivea saying that Bikini 101 is about getting in shape, or about exercising. You don’t see them talking about “get healthy this summer” or “eat right for a longer, healthier life.” You see them saying “if you want to be ready for summer, you should start losing weight.”

PrettyThin makes people anorexic…right….

Check out the models promoting what it means to be “ready for summer.” See any curves? Tell me what’s wrong with this picture…tell me it’s PrettyThin.

Nivea Thin Beauty

Vogue Magazine – March 10, 2010

I read a forum post about a website that talked about skinny celebrities. I decided to hit a few fashion magazine websites to see how they portray beauty. These are websites dedicated to the idea of fashion and beauty. The way they think society should be at it’s finest, at it’s best, at it’s most perfect. It’s somewhat funny to me that an anorexia website would get so much flack for images of skinny girls, and yet we look to magazines such as Vogue (which I am calling out right now – but I will move around the web from time to time to keep driving this point) to tell us how a beautiful society should be.


This is the image I found on their homepage. I don’t think it’s any surprise that the runway is filled with skinny, beautiful women. The entire industry has come under fire for this for some tie; this is not something new. I remember the discussion for the past 12 years at least! But nothing has changed in the inductry that gives us our images of a perfectly beautiful society.

So I decided to look into the Beauty section directly.

Did you know that if you work out to get yourself in shape, you should look like this? According to Vogue Magazine, anyway.


Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret – What kind of body should I love?


March 2, 2010
Yes, you too can be thin by using these little tips and tricks from one of our favorite publishers on healthy living, Yahoo. I’m not going to say more; here it is:


December 1, 2009

I’m a little behind on the news, but here it is.

“When the supermodel Kate Moss, in a rare online interview this week, told readers that one of her mottos was “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, the fallout was instant, vitriolic and damning.”

Want to read more?


October 15, 2009 – Model gets fired for being Fat

And Society tells us that we have a problem…
Read the Full Article


Yahoo – advertising about getting thin
When talking about nutrition and exercise, it’s one thing to talk about health and fitness, and another all together to talk about weight loss and being thin.

August 27, 2009
Yahoo, the most trafficked site on the internet, puts as it’s top 4 stories:

– Planet on a collision course toward it’s sun
– Deaths caused by window blinds and a recall
– The death of Kennedy
– Quick and Easy Tweaks to lose weight faster


I think it is amusing that society would look hatefully on most of those in the community on this website, while so many push it as a way of life, and a way to make more money.

Will it ever end? This article discusses a New Body and New Attituse for Jennifer Love Hewitte. You can’t blame Yahoo on this one. It’s what society wants to know. But what’s interesting is the dominance of such articles in newstands.


Read More

September 17, 2009


Once again, from our advertisers at Yahoo. If celebrities do it, shouldn’t we?

Stop over eating. Be thin. Diet. Look like this and be perfect. Don’t and you’re just less of a person.

Society must change the way it views beauty as a whole; our individual minds comprise society, but often, we fight the tide of the masses that are not ourselves.

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